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Commercial Real Estate Lending 

Pravati Capital can be your private commercial real estate lender in Arizona.

When your commercial real estate project needs funding, you don’t have time to wait for a traditional lender. With outmoded application processes, underwriting timelines, and approval requirements, traditional lenders create more obstacles for Arizona commercial real estate investors. Every day that passes without capital working on your dream drives up your carrying costs and keeps you out of the market you’ve set your sights on.

Private commercial real estate lending through Pravati Capital ensures fast approval, quick funding and specialized terms to fit your special situation lending needs.

Whether you’re in Arizona flipping houses, managing distressed property, or creating rental homes, your funding is just a phone call away.

Types of Financing We Offer

Direct Private Lending

Direct lending with private lenders ensures borrowers get fast approvals and funding with personalized terms that meet their unique situations and needs.

Bridge Loans

For quick turnaround, ultra-short-term loans, Arizona borrowers want a lender that’s in tune with their needs.

Structured Finance

Ensure your alternative credit needs are met with secured mezzanine lending to fund growth and expansion.

Debtor-in-Possession Financing

For companies in bankruptcy, private credit debtor-in-possession (DiP) financing can help get a company back on its feet.

Distressed Debt 

Buy a solid business at a discount with private distressed debt funding and beat other investors to the punch.

Fix & Flip Development/Investment

It’s a seller’s market and a flipper’s dream--but one thing that can ruin the dream of flipping houses is a lack of fast capital without a harsh application process.

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Leaders in real estate lending

Over the past 18 years, Pravati Capital has specialized in private financing arrangements for lawyers, law firms, and commercial real estate investors. Our goal is to be a partner you can rely on for fast, easy funding for alternative credit needs. With flexible payment plans, terms, and underwriting, Pravati Capital is here to be the lender you need.