Some of the most valuable assets a law firm has are the cases it’s fighting. But few financial institutions have the skilled underwriting teams needed to evaluate the probability of these cases and none will offer non-recourse advances based on their anticipated settlements.
Pravati Capital, a leader in the U.S. litigation financing industry, is different. Not only does our team of experienced litigators and financial professionals understand the needs of Los Angeles based law firms, we also know how to evaluate case probability and strongly believe in making investments in the assets those cases create.

The Benefits of Litigation Financing for Los Angeles Law Firms

Litigation financing is a risk-free opportunity for law firms. It’s up to the Pravati underwriters to identify the high probability cases in a law firm’s portfolio and design funding solutions that give non-recourse capital funding to the firm while preserving the risk on Pravati’s end. Pravati is so successful at this, a 101-year-old bank that traditionally turned down litigation financing has partnered with us and provided capital to our fund.
The capital infusion provided by financing litigation allows for Los Angeles based firms to meet both pre and post settlement expenses, It can be used for attorney fee acceleration, post-settlement funding, legal receivable factoring, fee minimization and more.
With Pravati Capital’s law firm funding for your portfolio of personal injury, mass tort or commercial litigation cases, you can focus on growing your firm without sacrificing your current cases.

The Advantage of Complex Commercial Disputes Funding

Some commercial disputes are straightforward and simple. Others are knotted, snarled messes with multiple jurisdictions, defendants, contracts, and actions.

Whether you’re representing the board in a private equity arbitration, handling international insolvency cases or working on a unique dispute resolution strategy for joint venture clients in mediation, you need to be able to focus on the task at hand. You shouldn’t be distracted by the money that is—or isn’t—in your firm’s bank account.

That’s where complex commercial disputes funding enters the picture. With this decades-old source of capital, you can give yourself and your firm a leg-up when fighting complex cases.

What is Complex Commercial Dispute Funding?

This type of funding consists of a non-recourse loan advanced to your firm based on the strength of your case and anticipated settlement or award. After our underwriters review the details of your case, they determine the likelihood of your winning based on the strength of the evidence and precedent set by other cases. If they decide you’ve got a high likelihood of success, Pravati Capital advances the funds to your firm, and you don’t pay anything back until the case is won. The repayment of principal and interest can be paid through the funds awarded at settlement.

Benefits of Complex Commercial Dispute Funding

Because there are no restrictions on how you can spend your funding, the ways it can help your firm and your clients are almost endless. You can consider using your funding to help you:

• Take on extra staff to help get you through discovery: In complex commercial disputes, discovery can be a tangled web of multi-language contracts, agreements, emails, guarantees and more. For that, you may need to bring on extra staff—but how do you pay for them? Complex commercial dispute funding can advance you the money you need to get this extra staff paid.
• Maintain payroll and operations expenses through the trial: Your firm has financial commitments that it may not be able to push off until you win the trial or accept a settlement. Funding can keep your firm functioning at a high level while you focus on your case.
• Take on clients who have a tight budget: Well capitalized companies aren’t the only entities with complex commercial disputes. Struggling startups and newly-developed funds may have need for your services but not have the cash with which to pay for them. When a strong case presents itself and the client doesn’t have the money immediately available, consider using litigation funding to close this gap.
• Continue planning for the future: You can’t stop marketing just because you have a complex case. With complex commercial litigation funding, you have the funds needed to continue laying the seeds for future client interest.

At Pravati Capital, we know what it takes to run a law firm and fight complex commercial litigation disputes. We know the challenges you’re facing in doing both, and we want to help. To find out if you qualify for funding, give us a call today.

Work With Pravati Capital and Help Change the Litigation Financing Industry

Don’t allow a cash crunch to force your clients to accept low settlement offers. Let’s change the future of litigation and the litigation financing industry together by leveling the playing field for law firms and plaintiffs alike.
At Pravati Capital, our goal is to extend a compassionate hand and financial expertise to the struggles facing Los Angeles based lawyers and corporate or individual plaintiffs with our law firm finance options, including law firm funding, attorney funding, and plaintiff funding. With our financing, we can help ease the strain imposed by contingency cases so attorneys can focus on their cases, not their finances.

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