The importance of capital in a time of covid-19

Amidst economic uncertainty, firm sustainability may rely on having capital at the right time to weather the storm. This white paper helps you evaluate future credit needs and which credit options best position your firm for long-term financial health.

Experts are cautioning that US businesses won’t see normalcy return until well after vaccinations. Further, 36% of firms have reported struggling to maintain financial security through the crisis¹. With countless firms announcing layoffs and pay cuts, shrinking cash flow is a real problem during this crisis. Is your firm prepared to endure periods of client reductions, increased collection cycles, and potential losses in billings?

Download this whitepaper and learn how to remain nimble over the next 12-24 months by making sure you have the capital to weather the storm. You’ll learn:

  • 6 questions to evaluate your credit needs
  • The challenges of accessing capital in an uncertain market
  • Insights to positioning your firm for sustainability
  • Pros and cons of potential credit options
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