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Law firms provide their clients specialized skills, services and expertise that have been honed with thousands of hours of study and practice. Now, they can gain the same level of expertise and experience when working with a litigation funding firm like Pravati Capital for their bridge capital needs. At Pravati, our goal is to offer law firms the opportunity to secure capital so they can continue to grow their firms while supporting clients and taking cases on contingency.

The capital infusion opportunities offered through litigation funding allow law firms greater access to financial support than can often be secured through traditional banking channels. The terms drafted by our underwriters are flexible and customizable to a firm’s specific needs.

Our advisory board and underwriting team work together to keep Pravati Capital at the forefront of this exciting industry.​
A Trusted Partner
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Knowledge, Partnership, and ExperienceThe Pravati Capital Board of AdvisorsWith extensive decades-long backgrounds in law, finance, and successful start-up endeavors, the Pravati board of advisors is comprised of leading experts in law, private equity, venture capital, and institutional finance. Since opening our doors, the board has continually proven its strength, knowledge, and insight, keeping Pravati Capital on the leading edge of the U.S. finance litigation market.

Driving Success with Discerning Underwriters Pravati’s skilled team of underwriters has the legal experience and aptitude to analyze and evaluate complex and specialty cases, determining which have a high probability of success. With memberships in many law associations and decades of practice experience, our underwriters apply our proprietary evaluation metrics to assess the nuances of each case in ways non-lawyers cannot.

The Litigation Funding Firm You Can TrustAt Pravati Capital, we consider ourselves a partner to law firms, plaintiffs and investors. It’s our mission to provide innovative, efficient capital solutions for law firms, compassionate assistance to plaintiffs in need of legal and financial assistance, and a secure alternative investment option for accredited investors. That’s why we work with only the best, most experienced minds in the legal and financial industry. Our team is comprised of highly qualified professionals, each bringing expertise and oversight that we can put to work for you.

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