Balancing growth while taking on contingency cases is difficult for even the most experienced firms.

A Litigation Funding Company For Law Firms

In the past, the only financing options available to trial attorneys and firms were hard-to-secure business loans or even less desirable overdrafts. Today, however, law firms have other options. 

With litigation funding, attorneys can grow their firms without restricting themselves to cases that pay a timely fee. When law firms need investment finance options, we're here to provide capital advances for an attorney or firm so that they can concentrate on their clients.

When your firm needs investment finance options, we're in your corner, providing the financial muscle you need to protect your clients. We offer a range of efficient capital solutions, including: 

  • Non-Recourse Capital Advance
  • Lines of Credit
  • Fee Acceleration
  • Pre-Settlement Funding
  • Post-Settlement Funding
  • Receivable Factoring
  • Case Cost Lines of Credit
  • Case Cost Funding/Disbursement Funding

When your law firm needs capital, Pravati is in your corner. 

Types of Financing We Offer

Law Firm Funding

Pravati’s underwriting team, comprised of legal and financial experts, has the experience necessary to underwrite complex cases.

With a combined 40+ years of experience, our underwriters can quickly recognize the strengths and weaknesses of a law firm’s portfolio. This skill allows Pravati to minimize its risks while simultaneously providing law firms access to more capital⁠. In fact, we offer funding well above what most banks and other litigation finance companies offer. And law firms can use their non-recourse advances for virtually any expense, from advertising and payroll to disbursement funding, case cost funding and other operating costs.

Law Firm Funding Features

Pravati’s litigation financing solutions include the following:
  • Mutual nondisclosure agreements.
  • Fully customized rates and terms for each client.
  • Non-recourse or recourse advances based on the anticipated fees of the firm’s open cases.
  • Streamlined funding processes that deliver capital quickly.

Case Cost Lines of Credit

Pravati understands that some law firms need the added flexibility of an open line of credit instead of a fixed advance amount.

For these situations, we offer case cost lines of credit. We determine fees based on a firm’s open cases, and these same cases form the collateral for the credit extended. A firm with an available line of credit knows it has the freedom and flexibility to draw on that credit when most needed, including during an ongoing trial.

Case cost lines of credit include:

  • Mutual nondisclosure agreements.
  • A streamlined funding process tailored to a firm’s time frame.
  • Far lower rates than most litigation funding companies.
  • The ability to pay case and operating expenses without extending firm capital.
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Attorney Lines of Credit

Sometimes, attorneys need a line of credit for one or two cases in particular rather than a portfolio of cases.

In such situations, they may need additional capital to pay investigators or experts, pay staffers, or fund other litigation-related expenses. In different situations, they may need an extra source of capital to tap into to continue advertising and taking contingency fee cases while they wait for an upcoming settlement. Pravati Capital gives individual attorneys, practices and large firms added flexibility with access to litigation funding quickly and easily.

Attorney lines of credit include:

  • Mutual nondisclosure agreements.
  • An open credit line to draw on as needed.
  • The ability to pay case and operating expenses without tapping into firm capital.
  • Credit limits based on the anticipated fees on open cases and historical case payments.

Upon trial conclusion or settlement payment, Pravati prepares documents outlining the costs of the credit line to include in the settlement case sheet.

Plaintiff Settlement Funding

We understand that it’s not just law firms and attorneys who need access to capital during long trials or complex, ongoing settlement negotiations. Plaintiffs often need access to pre-settlement funds to get much-needed medical treatment, pay bills, and replace an income lost after an injury.

That’s why Pravati Capital also offers plaintiff settlement funding. Our flexible terms and fast funding allow your mass tort, personal injury, and commercial liability clients to get the treatment and income they need while still maintaining the fight for the settlement they deserve.

Plaintiff Settlement Funding includes:

  • Mutual nondisclosure agreements.
  • Non-recourse lending requires no repayment if a case is lost.
  • Fast funding that works with your client’s timeline.
  • Lower rates than other litigation funding companies.
  • Solutions for as little as $500 to as much as $100,000.
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