"The complex and challenging world of IP law presents a number of problems to be solved — and litigation financing can help."
– David Lat, Above the Law

Considering Patent Litigation Funding

It goes without saying that fighting Intellectual Property cases is costly. When law firms can take on high-profile or precedent-setting intellectual property cases, they shouldn’t let a lack of funding stand in their way. 
Litigation funding offers an advance on an anticipated settlement or judgment for a robust IP case.
Spanning multiple jurisdictions and countries, IP is a fast-changing area where newly fought cases can set precedents that require lawyers to shift gears and create new plans of attack. These conditions make fighting intellectual property cases both expensive and time-consuming. 
The American Intellectual Property Law Association reported IP cases, with potential awards ranging from $1 million to $10 million, average legal costs of $1.7 million. 
Lawyers who specialize in IP serve many different types of cases. It might be copyright or trademark infringement one day and cybersquatting or internet piracy the next. No matter what type of IP law, litigation funding is a valuable tool in the battle. A proven method for firms to secure an advance on anticipated fees, funds can be used to meet various costs, ensuring continued growth and success.

Patent Litigation Financing Gives Firms Breathing Room

  • The capital they need to maintain operating expenses and marketing while fighting IP cases.
  • Take on promising clients who might not otherwise be able to afford their services.
  • The opportunity to take on precedent-setting cases.
  • The ability to continue reaching out to new clients.
  • The financial strength to hold out for the largest possible settlement.
Don’t unnecessarily limit your firm’s potential; contact Pravati Capital today to learn how our patent litigation funding will give your firm what it needs to keep growing.

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