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Welcome to Pravati Capital: A Nationwide Litigation Finance Company

When it is time to grow your firm and offer expanded services to your clients, you need to take on an innovative partner like Pravati Capital. For more than a decade, the industry experts at Pravati Capital have been developing solutions for capital distribution to law firms for mature personal injury and mass tort cases with a high likelihood of winning and an established precedent for settlement.

No law firm should have to slow its growth when its assets are tied up in complex litigation and no plaintiff should have to settle for less out of impatience to get anything at all. Pravati Capital has positioned itself as a strategic partner for established law firms, new law firms, plaintiffs and the investment community. Our litigation finance solutions make it easy for law firms to generate new business while tied up in active litigation and help to ensure that plaintiffs can hold out for the settlement they deserve. Pravati invests in a broad range of complex commercial disputes, from shareholder and security actions, international arbitration, competition and anti-trust cases, through to intellectual property, insolvency and class actions.

Backed by funding from investors and a 101-year-old bank, Pravati Capital is a bridge capital manager dedicated to providing collateralized legal investment funding. With our help, the U.S. litigation finance market has grown more efficient and more transparent, thus creating a leveled legal playing field for both law firms and plaintiffs.

Pravati’s Litigation Finance History

Our pre and post settlement funding, flexible terms, capital access and non-recourse plaintiff cash advances have helped thousands of law firms grow their business and thousands of plaintiffs enjoy a positive outcome. Now, it’s time for Pravati Capital to help you.

Who Is Pravati Capital

An industry leader in U.S. litigation finance

We provide the capital necessary to grow your law firm and maintain top-notch service to existing clients.

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Ways Pravati Capital Helps

Changing the rules of litigation finance

Through strategic alliances, we offer capital solutions for complex litigation and a wide range of case types.

Litigation Funding

Litigation Finance Pioneers

An expert team with deep legal roots

Pravati Capital’s team of law and litigation finance experts is unmatched throughout the legal funding industry.

Litigation Financing

Commercial Litigation Funding

As a business pursues their high-stake commercial claims, the realizations of costs and uncertainties can surely arise. At Pravati Capital, we aim to solve those uncertainties by supplying an infusion of capital that is supported by a team of experienced commercial underwriters. Pravati’s expert commercial underwriting team is well-versed in high-stake claims and understands the true value for the business and for the law firms that serve them. With our infusion of capital, Pravati can level the playing field so there is no need to settle early due to financial stress. We provide financing to the Fortune 500 and to leading law firms around the world, on a single-case and portfolio basis. Our promptly available non-recourse financing starts at $100,000 and go up to $20,000,000.

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Mass Tort & Personal Injury Litigation Funding

Litigating claims for Dangerous Drugs, Defective Products and Personal Injury can take years and most of all, significant amounts of capital. It makes more sense for Mass Tort & Personal Injury law firms to utilize the litigation funding services of Pravati Capital. The capital disbursed to Mass Tort & Personal Injury law firms can be used to pay for Mass Tort Marketing, Payroll, Operations and Much more. Our promptly available non-recourse & recourse financing starts at $10,000 and go up to $10,000,000.

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Legal Funding for Law Firm Clientele

We understand that it’s not just law firms and attorneys who need access to capital during long trials or complex, ongoing settlement negotiations. The pressure of medical bills, litigation and the burden of keep the lights on can prove to be quite financially stressful to the actual plaintiff. Our pre-settlement & post-settlement funding services can help level the playing field and help replace your clients lost income. Our promptly available non-recourse litigation finance options start at $500 and go up to $100,000.

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