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Pravati Capital has positioned itself as a strategic partner for established law firms, plaintiffs, and the investment community. Our litigation finance solutions make it easy for law firms to generate new business while tied up in active litigation and help to ensure that plaintiffs can hold out for the settlement they deserve. Pravati invests in a broad range of complex commercial disputes, including shareholder and security actions, international arbitrationcompetition and antitrust cases, as well as intellectual propertyinsolvency and class actions. Pravati Capital offers lawyers and law firms the opportunity to leverage their case portfolio with litigation funding that allows them to meet all of their general and case-specific expenses. We provide non-recourse advances for mature personal injury and mass tort cases with a high likelihood of winning and an established precedent for settlement. For investors, Pravati Capital offers the opportunity to diversify their portfolio with a non-correlated investment that features both aggressive returns and a hedge against economic volatility. This recession-resistant option is popular with both pre- and post-retirement investors and those who want to focus at least part of their portfolio on social impact investing.
Who Is Pravati Capital?
An industry leader in U.S. litigation finance
Ways Pravati Capital Can Help
Changing the rules of litigation finance
Litigation Finance Pioneers
An expert team with deep legal roots
The Pravati Difference

Since opening our doors more than 17 years ago, the board has continually proven its strength, knowledge, and insight, keeping Pravati Capital on the leading edge of the U.S. finance litigation market.See how we can help you.

Commercial Plaintiff FundingPravati provides litigation funding for all types of commercial cases, including breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, complex business disputes, environmental and antitrust. It can be used to monetize single cases or portfolios of litigation. Commercial plaintiffs in the early stages of exploring claim viability benefit from Pravati’s depth of experience in claims assessment and valuation. Access to our experienced team of attorneys, research analysts and underwriters affords commercial plaintiffs and firms alike with unique insights into claim viability, legal and factual strengths and weaknesses, quantifiable damages, and collectability.
Consumer Plaintiff FundingConsumer legal funding provides an immediate debt-free financial option for those who have suffered an injury in an accident or have a pending legal claim. With a pre-settlement advance, plaintiffs gain access to funds for day-to-day needs during the sometimes-long pendency of a case. These advances are not loans – recipients only need to repay the advance if their case results in a monetary award.
Portfolio Funding: A Low-Risk Use of Firm Assets Pravati’s portfolio financing is often favored by firms seeking to offer contingency fee arrangements to clients. Since our financing is non-recourse, the firms retain the funded amounts even if the portfolio of cases are ultimately unsuccessful. This approach allows firms to earn more than they would receive in hourly-fee matters, without being overexposed. This low-risk funding mechanism lets firms make the most of their existing assets to further current and future litigation, operations, business development, or firm growth.


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