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Balancing the need for growth with the desire to take on contingency cases is difficult for even the most experienced firms. Ensuring that the firm continues bringing in new clients while simultaneously focusing on winning cases can be tedious and stressful. Also going without important resources⁠—like expert witnesses and additional associates⁠—can have a huge impact on both the suit’s settlement amount and the law firm’s bottom line. Thankfully, there is a solution: Financing from Pravati Capital.

For close to two decades, Pravati Capital has positioned itself as a strategic partner to law firms, attorneys, commercial litigants, and investors. Now, it’s your turn to see what it means to partner with one of the industry’s leading litigation finance experts and to discover why litigation funding grew close to 40 percent each year from 2012 to 2016. Our litigation finance solutions make it easy for law firms to generate new business while tied up in active litigation and help to ensure that plaintiffs can hold out for the settlement they deserve. Pravati invests in a broad range of complex commercial disputes, including shareholder and security actions, international arbitration, competition and antitrust cases, as well as intellectual property, insolvency and class actions.

Pravati Capital offers lawyers and law firms the opportunity to leverage their case portfolio with litigation funding that allows them to meet all of their general and case-specific expenses. We provide non-recourse advances for mature personal injury and mass tort cases with a high likelihood of winning and an established precedent for settlement.

Who Is Pravati Capital?

An industry leader in U.S. litigation finance

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Since opening our doors more than 18 years ago, the board has continually proven its strength, knowledge, and insight, keeping Pravati Capital on the leading edge of the U.S. finance litigation market.

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For Law Firms

Pravati Capital provides unique opportunities for growth to law firms and attorneys with flexible litigation financing options. We can quickly deploy the necessary capital allowing firms and attorneys to hire expert witnesses, offer flexible payment arrangements to clients, boost marketing efforts, or expand their practice areas. Portfolio financing serves as an alternative worthy of consideration for firms that prefer borrowing capital with fewer long-term risks.

For Commercial Litigants

Pravati Capital helps commercial litigants get the expertise necessary to face lengthy court battles while hiring expert litigators, unlocking liquidity for ongoing working capital, and keeping their business’s growth on track even while fighting specious claims. For commercial enterprises, litigation funding provides a cushion for business expenses. It also allows the enterprise to manage how litigation costs affect the balance sheet. 

If you haven’t explored the opportunities that litigation financing can give you, get started now and find out why 40 percent of respondents to an Above The Law survey reported having direct experience with litigation finance and why 4 out of 5 of them would suggest this strategy to their colleagues. 

For Investors

For investors, Pravati Capital offers the opportunity to diversify their portfolio with a non-correlated investment that features both aggressive returns and a hedge against economic volatility. This recession-resistant option is popular with both pre- and post-retirement investors and those who want to focus at least part of their portfolio on social impact investing.
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