With settlements and court cases sometimes taking months—if not years—to finalize, many law firms find themselves struggling to service clients on a contingency basis, all while fighting for deserved settlements and judgments, and continuing to fulfill the growth projections of their practices. Rather than focusing on this distracting and ineffective balancing act, lawyers and firms should instead find ways to focus on what they do best—fighting for justice for their clients.

Litigation funding offers law firms a means to access the capital they need to both grow their practice and better serve their clients, all without risk of repayment in the event that a case is lost. If this is the first you’re hearing of this easy method of law firm case financing, read on to discover how Pravati Capital is the ideal partner for your litigation funding needs.

Litigation Funding: The Non-Recourse Solution for Law Firm Expansion

For the past decade, law firms across the United States have partnered with Pravati Capital to maintain cash flow solutions that enable them to fight for clients on a contingency basis while growing their practices. As litigation funding specialists, Pravati Capital takes a unique approach to providing firms with the bridge capital they need to continue cultivating client relationships and cover operating costs for personal injury and mass tort lawsuits.

As noted by American University’s Business Law Review in 2013, litigation funding is a billion-dollar industry. It is quickly gaining in popularity and has been used in a number of high-profile cases, including in a multi-billion dollar copyright infringement lawsuit by Stan Lee Media, Inc. against Walt Disney Co. For many firms, including those fighting high-profile, precedent setting cases, litigation funding is an integral tool helping ensure the longevity of the practice.

How Litigation Funding Works

At Pravati Capital, the key to our success is in identifying cases that we know have a great chance at winning. When a large or small law firm brings its high probability cases to Pravati Capital and our team of expert underwriters verifies precedent and likelihood of success, we invest in the case—and the firm—with a non-recourse cash advance or line of credit against the anticipated settlement.

The capital infusion opportunities offered through litigation funding allow law firms greater access to financial support than many of them can secure through traditional banking channels. The terms drafted by our underwriters are flexible and customizable to a firm’s specific needs. Our non-recourse cash advances can be used to help firms hold out for a larger settlement and continue to grow their practices even while waiting for settlements to be paid on contingency cases.

Pravati Capital: The Right Litigation Funding Partner At The Right Time

As leaders in the litigation funding field, Pravati Capital has helped the industry evolve while changing how law firms envision their future. For more than a decade, the professionals at Pravati have been at the forefront of this efficient litigation funding solution, creating innovative, client-friendly sources for bridge capital and pioneering support for law firm growth.

When we offer litigation financing and/or lines of credit to a firm, we consider ourselves a true partner in that firm’s success. That’s why we ensure that all of our terms are both reasonable and flexible. This allows our law firm partners to design the ideal agreement to service their needs and ensure that the funding is a tool they can really use—not a crutch that ultimately holds them back.

As an expert in your field, you understand just how vital it is to your clients that you stay on top of trends and that you focus on that specialty service you offer. At Pravati Capital, we know that we must do the same. That’s why we strive to always be an industry leader and to make certain that our services help strengthen your practice and ensure success to your clients.

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