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When your company needs more capital to grow, it leads to a balancing act that distracts your firm from the real core of its business. Don't be held back. We take a unique approach, providing commercial plaintiffs and law firms with the bridge capital to expand their businesses while staying focused on their cases.

So, how do we do it?
Litigation funding bridges the distance between when your firm files a complaint and receives a settlement. Our solutions also provide firms with other advantages:

Our solutions help your firms with a variety of issues, including:
  • Flexible payment arrangements for clients
  • Promote better settlements for your clients
  • Minimize financial risk and spend
  • Take litigation expenses off the budget sheet
  • Boost marketing efforts
  • Advance lucrative practice areas while maintaining revenue-per-partner
  • Acquire small firms and/or expand into new markets
  • Access to the best experts
  • Take on large-scale cases

Are you fighting a high-profile, precedent-setting case? Need immediate capital to expand the practice? Litigation finance can be used as a safety net to secure the practice's future or to invest in future growth.

Benefits to Commercial Plaintiffs

We provide commercial plaintiffs with greater access to financial support than can often be secured through traditional banking channels. The terms drafted by our underwriters are flexible and customizable to a company's specific needs.

Litigation funding for commercial plaintiffs can be used for:
  • Secure expert litigation
  • Manage litigation costs on the balancing sheet
  • Unlock liquidity for ongoing working capital
  • Reduce the likelihood and risk of premature settlement
  • Finance all litigation expenses
  • Grow the business while fighting against specious claims.

No matter the challenge, litigation finance is your tool to control your financial reporting narrative.

The US is the world's largest third-party litigation funding market, accounting for more than half (52%) of global activity.

- Us litigation funding and social inflation – the rising costs of legal liability; swiss re institute (2021)

Litigation Finance Leaders

What makes us a trusted partner?
Experience. Simply put, the key to our success is knowing which cases stand an excellent chance of winning and which don’t. With our expert underwriters, we’ve empowered countless law firms and businesses with customized funding solutions.
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