Pravati Capital Litigation Funding Lets Firms Focus on Business

  • Plaintiff firms that need to hire expert witnesses or want to offer flexible payment arrangements to their clients
  • General counsel who want to minimize financial risk and spend while taking litigation expenses off the budget sheet
  • Defense firms looking to boost marketing efforts or expand into lucrative practice areas without having to reduce revenue-per-partner
Regardless of why a firm needs or wants litigation financing, one thing holds true: not having access to necessary capital is a distracting, ineffective balancing act that separates law firms from the real core of their business.


Twenty-eight percent of lawyers surveyed had relied on litigation finance to help fund cases. – New Yorker, 2016

– New Yorker, 2016

Litigation funding

Litigation Funding
Litigation Funding Services: Capital Without Risk
Litigation funding offers law firms a way to access the capital they need without the risk of needing to repay it if the case is lost. As litigation funding specialists, Pravati Capital takes a unique approach to provide law firms with the bridge capital necessary to continue focusing on their business, cultivating client relationships, and covering operating costs.

Fighting a high-profile, precedent-setting case? Defending the company against a specious claim that will be costly to litigate? Need immediate capital to expand the practice? Litigation finance can be used as a safety net to secure the practice’s future; as an interim measure that turns full-contingency matters into “hybrid” issues, or as a way to quickly ramp up business. Get in touch with us today for more information.

How Litigation Funding Works

At Pravati Capital, the key to our success is in identifying cases that we know have a great chance at winning. When a large or small law firm brings its high probability cases to Pravati Capital, and our team of expert underwriters verifies precedent and likelihood of success, we invest in the case—and the firm—with a non-recourse cash advance or line of credit against the anticipated settlement.

The capital infusion opportunities offered through litigation funding allow law firms greater access to financial support than many of them can secure through traditional banking channels. The terms drafted by our underwriters are flexible and customizable to a firm’s specific needs. Our non-recourse cash advances can be used to help firms hold out for a larger settlement and continue to grow their practices even while waiting for settlements to be paid on contingency cases.

Pravati Capital
Litigation Finance Leaders As leaders in the litigation funding field, we’re proud of the partnerships we’ve created and the law firms we’ve empowered. We’re constantly looking for ways to help strengthen law practices and ensure success for their clients. If litigation funding isn’t right for your firm, recourse funding may be a better fit. Contact us today to learn more about our capital offerings.

Litigation Funding is a billion-dollar industry. – American University’s Business Law Review, 2013
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