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Litigation Financing Services For Law Firms

Like any business, a law firm may sometimes suffer from an inconsistent income stream. But unlike other businesses, law firms have a unique option available to address this issue: law firm funding. This alternative financing method allows law firms to leverage strong cases now rather than waiting for settlement to come in later. Best of all, the choice of how to use law firm funding is yours, from paying current expenses and financing new cases to growing the firm.


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With our financing, we can help ease the strain imposed by contingency cases so attorneys can focus on their cases, not their finances.


Discover all the ways the litigation funding from Pravati Capital can help your firm and your portfolio grow.

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Types of Financing Available

Some of the most valuable assets a law firm has are the cases it’s fighting. But few financial institutions have the skilled underwriting teams needed to evaluate the probability of these cases, and none will offer non-recourse advances based on their anticipated settlements.

A leader in litigation finance, Pravati Capital is different. Not only does our team of experienced litigators and financial professionals understand law firms’ unique needs, but we also know how to evaluate case probability so we can make smart investments in the assets those cases create. Pravati offers a variety of financing options, including:

Class-Action Lawsuit Financing

Litigation financing for class action cases is a relatively straightforward process. Learn more.

Commercial Litigation Funding

Non-recourse funding for firms battling high-stakes commercial claims. Learn more.

Competition & Antitrust Litigation Finance

Litigation funding for firms tackling class action and antitrust cases. Learn more.

DIP Financing

Capital solutions that allow firms to restructure and emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Learn more.

Insolvency Litigation Funding

A practical way to secure the capital a firm needs while fighting for their insolvency clients. Learn more.

International Arbitration Finance

Litigation funding that lets international arbitration lawyers remain competitive. Learn more.

Law Firm Financing

Practical, easy-to-use non-recourse funding for individual lawyers, law firms and plaintiffs. Learn more.

Patent Litigation Funding

Capital funding for firms fighting intellectual property claims. Learn more.

Securities and Shareholder Lawsuit Financing

Timely capital funding that allows law firms to maintain operations while fighting for shareholder clients. Learn more.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

The key component to your success in handling commercial real esate deals is having the right type of funding and capital available to you at your fingertips Learn more.

Work With Pravati Capital and Help Change the Litigation Financing Industry

Don’t allow a cash crunch to force your clients to accept low settlement offers. Let’s change the future of litigation and the litigation financing industry together by leveling the playing field for law firms and plaintiffs alike.

At Pravati Capital, our goal is to extend a compassionate hand and financial expertise to the struggles facing lawyers and corporate or individual plaintiffs with our law firm finance options, including law firm funding, attorney funding, and plaintiff funding. With our financing, we can help ease the strain imposed by contingency cases so attorneys can focus on their cases, not their finances.