Balancing growth while taking on contingency cases is difficult for even the most experienced firms.

Litigation Financing Services For Law Firms

Like any business, law firms can suffer from inconsistent income. But unlike other organizations, law firms have a unique option available to address this issue: law firm funding. This alternative financing method allows firms to leverage strong cases before settlement rather than waiting for the conclusion. Best of all, how to use the funds is your choice, from paying current expenses and financing new cases to growing the firm.

Types of Financing Available

Some of the most valuable assets a law firm has are the cases it's litigating. However, few financial institutions have the skilled underwriting teams to evaluate these cases' probability, and none will offer non-recourse advances based on their anticipated settlements.
A leader in litigation finance, Pravati Capital is different. Not only does our team of experienced litigators and financial professionals understand a law firm's unique needs, but we also know how to evaluate a case probability to make intelligent investments in the assets those cases create. Depending on the situation, Pravati will customize its investment in non-recourse, recourse, lines of credit, portfolios, and investment structuring.

Work with Pravati Capital to unlock your full potential

Don't allow a cash crunch to force your clients to accept a lower settlement offer. Let's change the future of litigation together by leveling the playing field for law firms and plaintiffs alike.
At Pravati Capital, our goal is to lead with compassion and financial expertise to assist with the struggles facing lawyers and corporate or individual plaintiffs with financial options, including law firm funding, attorney funding, and commercial plaintiff funding. With our financing, we ease the strain imposed by contingency cases so attorneys can focus on their work, not their finances.

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