Cornering The Market On Competition & Antitrust Litigation Finance

U.S. consumers are a powerful group. They can easily make or break a company’s success, especially since word-of-mouth marketing reports and first-person stories of a company’s failures travel so far and fast these days. When companies ban together to strip consumers of their power, lawyers specializing in competition and anti-trust laws are often called to come to the rescue.

What It Means to Specialize in Competition and Anti-Trust Cases

As a lawyer specializing in competition and anti-trust law, your goal is to protect free enterprise by taking on complaints about price fixing, price gouging, monopoly formation and various prohibited arrangements between competitors.

Consumers may not have a legal case when they can’t afford the products and services they want, but they do have legal footing when a business has created an agreement with competitors or suppliers. They also have grounds for a suit when a business takes part in a merger that sets up an unfair advantage and fosters an environment with artificially inflated prices or one where consumers have no choice but to buy from a single company.

To exercise their legal rights, consumers rely on lawyers who can take a case to court. In many instances, these suits are best tackled as class actions, which require another set of skills for the fighting lawyer.

As a competition and anti-trust lawyer, your knowledge of economics and business should be as deep as your knowledge of the law, and that often means taking additional courses and studying the finer points of markets, industries, and finance.

Competition and Anti-Trust: A Double-Edged Sword

Like any other business, lawyers and firms need to stay on the right side of competition and anti-trust laws. That means they often must find a way to innovate and build their expertise if they want to attract clients over their competitors. One way they can gain an edge in the war to be seen is by discovering, researching and using every tool available—and yet, that very rarely happens. One tool that often goes unused is litigation funding, an instrument few lawyers and firms know about. Despite the fact that it’s been popular and effective for decades, litigation funding, a method for getting an advance from the anticipated settlement of a strong case, often goes untapped.

With competition & antitrust litigation finance, lawyers and firms have more available capital to spend on the things that will set them apart from the competition. These advanced funds can be spent on:

• Research and study
• Hiring extra help
• Securing renowned witnesses
• Maintaining offices in popular areas
• Advertising
• Taking on high-profile cases on a contingency basis

This kind of non-recourse funding is issued based on the strength of the lawyer’s underlying cases. Terms and costs are customizable, and funding can be paid back once the lawyer or firm receives funds from a winning case.

Consumers have the right to compare costs, to choose between a variety of different product and service providers, and to know that businesses are not colluding unfairly. Without the tireless work of anti-trust lawyers, we’d all suffer, as we would see far fewer innovations that allow businesses to legally and compliantly win the war for consumer loyalty.

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