Class-Action Lawsuits Can Be Tough on a Firm’s Budget, but not with Pravati on your side.

Opportunities Expand With Class Action Lawsuit Financing

Recent class action movements have been shaken up by size limitations and the pervasiveness of arbitration agreements, both of which leave lawyers facing new challenges.

Making matters even more difficult, the internet has spawned a new breed of sophisticated clientele, and they’re looking for the best representation money can buy. Lucky for them, that’s you, with Pravati in your corner.

Class-Action Lawsuit Financing Creates Options

Often, clients are looking for lawyers who are:

Willing to work on a contingency basis:

Most lead plaintiffs don’t have the funds to pay a retainer and meet the billing expectations of a class action lawyer. Instead, they look for contingency basis lawyers. Clients also prefer working with contingency basis law firms because doing so ensures that the firm has a stake in the case’s success.

Unafraid to refuse unreasonable settlement offers:

Firms that are under financial pressure are more likely to encourage clients to accept early/lower settlements — something no class action participant wants. Our capital provides resources and ensures resilience in the face of large cases and deep-pocketed defendants.

Well-versed in class action complaints:

Clients want attorneys with the experience and insight necessary to prepare compelling and effective class action complaints.

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