Commercial Litigation Funding

Unlock the Value of Cases with Commercial Litigation Funding

Law firms working on high-stakes commercial claims may benefit from commercial litigation funding. By providing a capital infusion before or after the settlement, commercial litigation funding lets law firms unlock the value of their lawsuits. Increasingly becoming a mainstream funding solution, commercial litigation funding is a non-recourse debt⁠—which means if a law firm doesn’t win the case, the debt is forgiven and does not need to be repaid.

Pravati has non-recourse financing options that leverage case value to maximize operating capital. We provide financing to many businesses in the Fortune 500, as well as to leading law firms around the nation. Providing capital on a single-case and portfolio basis lets funding recipients keep litigation costs off the balance sheet, preventing it from impacting attorney performance.


Commercial Litigation Funding

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Our promptly available non-recourse financing options start at $100,000.


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Commercial Litigation Funding Benefits

Firms and companies that receive capital from monetizing their legal claims can use that capital toward a number of expenses, including litigation costs, attorneys’ fees, expert witness fees, and other court expenses. Specific benefits include:Commercial Claimants

  • Pursue the most meritorious of cases by financing their own litigation expenses.
  • Alleviate funding restraints by providing capital injections for filed claims.
  • Reduce the risks of a premature settlement.
  • Unlocks liquidity for working capital.
  • Provides a cushion for personal and business expenses.
  • Manage how litigation costs affect their balance sheets.
  • Enables greater access to expert litigators.

Commercial Law Firms

  • Accept cases from potential clients who otherwise could not afford their fees.
  • Provides capital for all commercial litigation expenses, including expert witness fees.
  • Reduce the risk that clients will run out of money during litigation.
  • Enable firms to offer more flexible payment arrangements to their prospective clientele.

The Litigation Funding Process

Obtaining litigation funding starts by suffering a loss or damage, and resolves when repayment occurs after the settlement is reached or the case is adjudicated. Let’s take a closer look at the process:

  • LOSS: An individual or business suffers loss or damage as the result of another company, manufacturer or entity, and needs compensation.
  • LAWSUIT: The individual or business who suffered the loss—now considered a plaintiff—hires a commercial litigator to take their case.
  • NEED: The plaintiff finds that they need to pay attorney fees, or the plaintiff’s law firm needs a capital injection to continue pursuing a fair settlement.
  • HELP: The plaintiff or law firm requests Pravati Capital to provide litigation funding.
  • UNDERWRITING: Pravati’s commercial underwriting team reviews the entire case, determining its likelihood of winning and if funding will be approved.
  • FUNDING: Once approved, Pravati advances the funds to the law firm or plaintiff.
  • REPAYMENT: After a settlement is reached or the case is adjudicated and the award is paid to the lawyer’s trust fund, the firms reimburse Pravati along with agreed-upon interest. Should the case be lost, no repayment is necessary.

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