An infusion of capital to grow your firm

Cash flow is fundamental to meeting client expectations and service standards. One factor can determine whether your clients get the best possible service from your firm, and that is cash flow. If your firm doesn’t have adequate cash flow, you may not be able to support all litigation expenses, maintain staffing levels, or continue bringing in new clients.

When your firm is ready to gain new business, promote growth, or offer contingency fee arrangements without sacrificing client services, don’t rely on an expensive, hard-to-secure bank loan for financing turn to Pravati Capital. Your portfolio can serve as collateral for a non-recourse loan that you can use for whatever your firm needs to support business objectives.



One of your firm’s most valuable assets is the collection of cases it’s fighting. Typically, financial institutions rarely have the underwriting skills necessary to properly evaluate the probability of success in your firm’s cases. Thus, they won’t be able to offer your firm any non-recourse advances based on anticipated settlements.

Through Pravati Capital, portfolio funding provides an infusion of capital, a non-recourse loan that allows your firm to manage both pre- and post-settlement expenses better. Best of all, funds can be used however you need, including for attorney fee acceleration, post-settlement funding, receivable factoring, fee minimization, and more.

No matter what kind of cases make up your portfolio, Pravati Capital can use their will leverage a likelihood of success to underwrite a non-recourse loan that allows you to focus on growing your firm without sacrificing your current clients or cases.



Bank loans for law firms are expensive, difficult to secure, and risky to take on. Yet, without the capital they provide, many law firms would struggle to grow. Through our non-recourse design and built-in collateral model, portfolio funding offers a proven alternative to firms that need increased cash flow without the risk.

Having a non-recourse portfolio funding plan means that your firm only repays the funds loan received upon successful judgment or settlement. Saving you from ongoing repayments and making interest expenses contingent upon winning your cases.

The flexibility created by portfolio funding gives your firms the ability to remain nimble while providing you with the necessary capital to:

• Take on contingency clients and offer alternative fee and flexible payment arrangements
• Expand to new markets
• Take litigation expenses off the budget sheets of corporate clients


Portfolio funding leaders

Pravati Capital is a partner to law firms, providing the flexibility for contingency fee arrangements, marketing, or litigation expenses. Together, we help your firm leverage its case portfolio’s underlying value and turn potential into profits.