The capital to manage both your business and your cases

An Infusion of Capital to Grow Your Firm

An Infusion of Capital to Grow Your Firm
Cash flow is fundamental to meeting client expectations and service standards. If your firm doesn't have the necessary cash flow, you may be unable to support all litigation expenses, maintain staffing levels, or continue bringing in new clients. Here's how we help.

Benefits of This Financial Tool
One of your firm's most valuable assets is the collection of cases it's fighting. Financial institutions rarely have the underwriting skills to properly evaluate the probability of success in your firm's cases. We, however, do.
Pravati Capital provides an instant infusion of capital, allowing your firm to manage pre- and post-settlement expenses. Best of all, funds can be used however you need, whenever you need. Providing a helping hand is part of our ethos; no matter what kind of cases make up your portfolio, we can help.

Benefits to Portfolio Funding
Bank loans for law firms are expensive, difficult to secure, and risky to take on. Yet, many law firms need to realize there's an alternative. Through our collateral model, portfolio funding offers a proven alternative to firms that need increased cash flow with less risk.

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