October 5, 2021

How Litigation Financing Can Assist Millennial Attorneys

Let’s face it, being a millennial attorney has not been easy.  Many of us graduated from law school at the height of the economic recession only to discover that law firm jobs were few and far between.  Then, out of nowhere, our profession was blindsided by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we had to find new ways to litigate our cases.  With courts closed and the pace of litigation slowed, turning a case into dollars became even harder.  That is where Pravati Capital comes in.

Litigation funding companies like Pravati Capital can greatly assist millennial attorneys like you grow your practice and firm, or monetize a contingency case before it is resolved, by offering easy capital allowing you to ignore traditional bank financing and put the credit cards back in your wallet.

Perhaps you were one of the many law school graduates in the late 2000s / early 2010s who decided to start your own firm shortly after admission to the bar.  Now, with ten or more years of experience under your belt, you may be looking to expand your firm.  Pravati Capital routinely provides small law firms like yours with capital to grow.

Maybe you have been in Big Law for ten or more years and are deciding to follow your dream of opening a boutique litigation firm with your colleagues.  Pravati Capital can provide funding to open your law firm’s doors and make your dream a reality.

Maybe you are finally approaching trial on the biggest case of your young career and need funding for experts and trial costs.  Pravati Capital can provide funding to get your case across the finish line and your client the justice he or she deserves. 

Millennial attorneys like us are saddled with a rising cost of living and forced to save for retirement and six-figure college educations for our children while still paying off our own student loan debt.  Starting today, let Pravati Capital invest in you and your firm’s future with case-specific litigation or law firm operational funding to help ease your financial burden. 

Experienced Professionals Need a Knowledgeable Funding Partner

Attorneys spend years learning the law and honing their skills, and they need a funding partner who can say the same. The underwriters at Pravati Capital are experienced in both law and finance, and they are highly skilled at case evaluation.

Could partnering with Pravati help your law firm flourish? Contact us to learn how your law firm can unlock the power of law firm funding. Complete our online contact form or call us at 844-772-8284.


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