Alexander Chucri is the founder and CEO of Pravati Capital. Alex played a pivotal role in developing the industry's first pioneering model of litigation finance commencing in 2003. With 8,000 individual transactions completed over 20 years and $700M in financings, he has established himself as a visionary and driving force behind Pravati’s exponential growth.

Alexander is an entrepreneur focused on new and emerging industries. Before his involvement in litigation finance, Alex was at the inception of the internet age by helping to found multiple internet-enabled businesses, a tech-based incubator, and the first internet service provider in Arizona. With expertise in high-growth emerging industries, he has been a thought leader for over two decades.

As a co-founder of several legal entities, Alex has demonstrated his entrepreneurial ability to create successful ventures. He leads by emphasizing the importance of purpose and achievement.

Alex firmly believes in the power of teamwork and determination over mere talent. He’s developed an accomplished team of expert attorneys and finance executives. With his unwavering dedication, Alex Chucri has been a resource to many individuals, law firms and corporations in to make an outsized impact in the legal and financial spheres.
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