June 22, 2023

Third-Party Litigation Funding In A Pending Lawsuit

The existence of third-party litigation funding in a pending lawsuit continues to be a hot topic in legal circles with many passionate proponents and opponents of the concept.  Certain federal courts already require affirmative disclosure by litigants in a case while some state legislatures have begun debating legislation to statutorily require disclosure and/or specific licensing of funding companies.  While legislative initiatives have passed in Montana, Illinois, and Nevada to name a few, a recent bill was vetoed by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.  Pravati Capital’s executive team continues to monitor the evolving litigation finance industry landscape and routinely participates in discussions on industry-wide best practices as a thought leader in the industry with over two decades of experience and expertise.  Regardless of disclosure, third-party litigation funding continues to be an accepted practice for litigants and law firms nationwide.

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