Competition & Antitrust Law Finance For Plaintiffs

When it comes to antitrust claims, Pravati third party financing is a win-win situation for companies and funders. Antitrust and competition cases are extremely expensive to litigate but damages claims can exceed millions of dollars. Companies wanting to pursue a case often have trouble carrying the high costs of complex litigation, but funders are attracted to antitrust cases because of such high stakes involved.
Antitrust law, also known as competition law, is a set of laws that collectively regulate the conduct and organization of business corporations and protect consumers against predatory business practices. When companies can bring a meritorious antitrust claim, society and the economy also benefit.
Pravati Capital can provide resources for funding and management of complex and lengthy litigation, including safeguards regarding adverse cost risks. We can offer value-added solutions to companies affected by infringements of competition law
Our competition & antitrust law finance can also increase pressure to reach a sustainable settlement. Once the defendant is aware of the funding, it shows that a sophisticated third-party has invested their own capital after carefully investigating the case, and that the claimant has the financial ability to go to trial if necessary.

Antitrust and Competition Funding for Law Firms

Antitrust and competition attorneys typically face creditworthy defendants who are willing to reach rational settlements. Anti-competition allegations are often difficult and time-consuming to prove; they require extensive analysis of economic phenomena and expert opinions.
Competition claims require highly specialize legal talent and law firms often require funding for significant expenses up-front. Expert witnesses are crucial in competition cases and need to be retained at the early stages of litigation to make a well-pleaded and sustainable case. Even the costs of filing a claim can be exorbitant. Pravati Capital can help lawyers and their clients by assuming the cost and risk of litigation from the outset. Third-party funding to lawyers allows them to partner better with their clients and at the same time add value to their businesses and firms. Pravati enables law firms to manage the risk and financial burden of their competition and antitrust balance sheets, and at the same time provide cover from expensive hourly rates and expert fees.
It’s no wonder that the Antitrust and Competition market in Europe has made third-party litigation funding an attractive and lucrative proposition to companies and law firms. And US firms are taking notice. Pravati Capital is ready.

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