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Our government is built on a system of checks and balances, and so is our country’s economic system: capitalism. While the checks and balances on a government level come through elections, the two-party arrangement, broken up branches of power, and vetoes, the checks and balances of capitalism come through competition. By fostering a competitive marketplace, consumers enjoy the benefits of better prices and higher quality products and services. The spirit of competition puts consumers in the ultimate position of power, with companies fighting to get their attention—and their money.

When businesses run afoul of the Federal Trade Commission’s anti-trust laws by removing this competition through the formation of monopolies, price fixing, and making other agreements between competitors, consumers respond with lawsuits.

What it Takes to Fight Anti-Trust Cases

When companies create a monopoly through a joint venture or acquisition, or when a company is guilty of price fixing or rigging bids, consumers and other concerned parties may ban together and create a class action suit against the offending company.

For lawyers, fighting these cases means battling deep conglomerate pockets, and those companies don’t want to go down without a struggle. In addition to spending dozens of hours going through discovery evidence and creating their case, a lawyer needs to seek out expert witnesses, and deal with other out-of-pocket expenses that aren’t paid upfront by the complainants.

Taking on a class action suit can be a solid business decision, but it often leaves firms with a certain amount of financial insecurity as they fight the case, which can drag on sometimes for years before settlement and payment are issued. Capitalizing on the financial need that comes into play during these drawn-out suits, many companies try to offer low-ball settlements which hurt both the complainants and the lawyers.

Competition & Antitrust Legal Finance

Few lawyers and plaintiffs have the patience and the financial security to wait out the deep pockets of the companies accused of breaking anti-trust laws. When you fold to get a smaller settlement, you don’t just leave money on the table, but you also let the company get away with a mere slap on the wrist. With litigation funding, you can make sure your firm’s finances are on the secure footing you need to push forward and turn down unworthy settlement offers.

Best of all, competition & antitrust legal finance is a non-recourse advance on your anticipated winnings. When you work with Pravati Capital, it’s up to our underwriters to determine whether your case is strong enough to warrant a non-recourse advance of capital. And you can use the money as needed—to help you fund expenses for the case, meet the payroll and operational needs of your firm, or to invest in marketing so you can continue to take on promising class action suits in the years to come.

If you’re fighting or thinking about taking on a competition and anti-trust case, contact Pravati Capital today to see how our litigation funding program can help you build your firm and better serve your clients.

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