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Intellectual Property litigation is expensive — a successful case typically involves costly attorneys and experts. An IP lawsuit is risky because it could be dismissed at any time during a lengthy litigation battle. And due to today’s heightened risk environment, patent owners can no longer rely on sharing costs and risks with a law firm willing to take their case on contingency. Pravati Capital’s patent litigation finance is nonrecourse: if you lose, you don’t pay a dime.
Even the most successful IP attorneys are no longer willing to absorb contingency risk in patent issues, which has led to an increased demand for litigation finance. The opportunity, however, presents a challenging and compelling combination of risk and reward. Intellectual Property matters best suited to funding are high-risk and high-reward, because they are generally the hardest to self-fund.
Now more than ever it’s important for patent owners and law firms to understand their financial options and how to secure financing for an optimal solution to IP matters. Pravati has the expertise to assess an intellectual property claim quickly and efficiently. And because we have our own permanent capital readily available, we have the ability to provide clients and firms with the financing they need—when they need it.

IP Funding for Individuals – Patent Owners

After spending many years and all your savings inventing a device, you are awarded a patent on your invention by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Maybe now your idea will save the world, or you’ll never have to worry about money again. You take the patented device to a manufacturing company, enter into a non-disclosure agreement and unbelievably, someone has stolen your patent and is making your product.
Sure, there are laws that protect your intellectual property and you file an action against the company and/or entities that violated your IP. Having a patent means that you have the right to exclude others from making, using, or selling your invention. In practice, however, your rights are difficult to enforce. Pravati Capital’s funding can provide the justice you deserve and take back your patent.
Litigation typically involves a long battle to protect your rights – it is costly because most intellectual property cases are complex and require an experienced attorney. Pravati will provide the money for litigation costs and expenses so that you can protect your property. Another benefit of Pravati funding enables you to afford counsel of your choice as well as access to our network of legal counsel and other advisers such as technical and industry experts.

IP Funding for Companies, Institutions and Universities – Patent Owners

Your company has developed a process to manufacture an item at less cost than anyone else, but a foreign company has hacked into your systems and illegally acquired your company’s information. Your time and resources, your technological edge, has been stolen. Theft of IP can result in more than lost revenue, employment and investment for R&D.
After spending millions of dollars developing your intellectual property, your company is faced with a dilemma: how to justify spending even more money and time to protect your IP through litigation. Pravati Capital’s funding enables companies to keep litigation costs off corporate balance sheets and eliminate stress at year-end. Patent litigation finance helps ensure that the company is able to protect its intellectual property without worrying about the negative impact of litigation on earnings and profits

IP Funding for Law Firms

Some law firms choose to self-finance patent matters. But consider obtaining capital from an external source. Lawyers can then focus on doing what’s best for their clients and at the same time offering a better alignment of incentives among counsel, client and capital provider.
Pravati legal funding takes the risk of IP matters, thereby providing the law firm security in knowing that expenses will be paid. And by providing access to valuable experts and other resources, cases will strengthen and increase their clients’ chances of success.
By offering financing against the underlying asset value of a pending intellectual property lawsuit, your client can be assured of the best possible litigation.

Why Pravati?

With an in-house team of experts in patent and intellectual property litigation, we have the expertise to assess cases quickly and efficiently. And because we have our own permanent capital readily available, we can provide clients and firms with the financing they need—when they need it.
To prepare for funding, Pravati requires from claimants and their counsel the following:
• A brief overview of the proposed litigation, including patents to be asserted and possible defendants
• Where the case (or cases) will be or have been filed,
• Any relevant previous litigation, licensing, sales discussions re-examination, etc.
• Litigation strategy.

Pravati partners with professional investors who understand complex Intellectual Property matters and will provide you with financing to support lengthy and complex IP litigation. It’s a win-win situation.

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