The Many Needs for Patent Litigation Financing


Intellectual property cases involve a broad swath of potential complaints. From patent litigation to trademark protection, copyright law to trade-secret law, the possible situations, clients and complaints coming into your firm might be endless. While there are many opportunities today for news-making intellectual property cases with clients ranging from individuals to startups to Fortune-500 companies, this doesn’t come without a heavy cost to lawyers and law firms.


The Cost of Fighting Intellectual Property Cases

Lawyers fighting intellectual property cases don’t have the luxury of sitting back and treating their cases like routine complaints. Instead, they must constantly sharpen their skills by watching changes and trends in the various categories covered by the intellectual property umbrella. Since this is such a fast-changing area, and one that can span multiple countries and jurisdictions, any newly fought case could set a precedent that requires a lawyer to shift gears and create a new plan of attack.


These constantly shifting sands make fighting intellectual property cases both expensive and time-consuming. But with the American Intellectual Property Law Association reporting that, in 2011, for IP cases with potential awards ranging from $1 million to $25 million, the average legal cost was $2 million. This makes them cases well worth taking on. Sometimes, you just need an influx of capital to help your firm through.


Introducing Patent Litigation Financing

No firm should be forced to choose between cases it wants to take on simply because of the costs associated. When your firm has the opportunity to take on high-profile or precedent-setting intellectual property cases, don’t let a lack of funding stand in your way. Instead, talk to Pravati Capital about the possibility of litigation funding.


Our litigation funding is a non-recourse source of funds that are advanced to you against the fee you’re anticipating once the case is won. Our skilled and knowledgeable underwriters understand what makes a strong IP case, and they can approve funding when they find one that has a high likelihood of winning.


Benefits of Patent Litigation Financing

Our funding places no limits on what you can do with the funds you’re given after we’ve underwritten and approved your case. Once paid to you, these funds can:


  • Give your firm the capital it needs to maintain operating expenses and marketing while fighting IP cases.
  • Allow you to take on promising clients who might not otherwise be able to afford you.
  • Give you the opportunity to take on precedent-setting cases.
  • Give your marketing team the ability to continue reaching out to new clients, even while you’re stuck fighting for the ones you’ve already taken on.
  • Help give you the financial strength to withstand a client who wants to hold out for the largest possible settlement.


At Pravati Capital, we understand how torn law firms can be between representing clients, choosing which new cases to take on, and embracing marketing efforts to secure future clients. Don’t limit your firm’s potential; contact Pravati Capital today to see if patent litigation funding will give your firm what it needs to keep growing.

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