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When investors become shareholders in a company, they do so understanding that there is some risk of loss. They do not become shareholders expecting that the company they’ve invested in (and its directors) will lie to them, hide information, or convey unreasonably optimistic information to them.

Sadly, although they don’t expect it, these very situations occur often. When they do, a shareholder can sue as a means of holding the company and its officers accountable and getting financial recompense for losses. To do so with any degree of success, however, that shareholder needs an experienced lawyer fighting by their side.

Representing Clients in Securities and Shareholder Actions

Companies are obligated to inform shareholders and potential shareholders when they have information that can impact the share price—such as when a phone manufacturer with a highly anticipated new model experiences a delay in manufacturing and shipping. When a company doesn’t disclose this information, shareholders are unable to make informed decisions about the appropriateness of that position in their portfolio. Often, as the market gets wind of the trouble, the stock price drops and the shareholders are stuck with losses—leading them to sue.

Because companies have so many shareholders, securities and shareholder actions usually end up as class action suits. While this can streamline the process for the courts, a class action suit can hamper a lawyer or firm’s ability to maintain operations and marketing for future clients. That’s why many lawyers and firms turn to Pravati Capital as a source of shareholder and securities litigation funding.

Shareholder And Securities Litigation Funding

Funding is a critical tool for lawyers and firms as they head into the securities and shareholder class action arena. When you secure non-recourse funding from Pravati Capital, you can get an advance on the value of your case, which can be especially helpful for cases taken on a contingency. Once you’ve received the funding, it can be used to sustain your business while you fight the class action suit and wait for a worthwhile settlement. With class action suits, which can take years to settle, having a source of funding based on anticipated settlement proceeds gives your firm the ability to find experts, to maintain operations, and to invest in your future without distracting you from the day-to-day needs of your class action clients.

The shifting legal waters surrounding securities and shareholder actions require lawyers who want to practice in this niche to be well studied and on top of changes that occur. Investing your time in this area is much easier when you know you have access to financial resources that will help you bridge the gap between the time you file your client’s class action suit and the point at which you win it. Contact Pravati Capital today to speak with an underwriter who can evaluate the merits of your case and determine whether funding for securities and shareholder actions is a viable solution for you and your firm.

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